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Log Loader New England Tree Experts takes great pride in its fleet of vehicles, and it shows. When we arrive at your property, our vehicles will be clean, presentable, and will not be an embarrassment to you or your neighbors. Our employees will be properly uniformed and outfitted with the appropriate protective equipment. The vehicles which you see pictured on our website are the vehicles that we actually own and operate, and are the vehicles which will be used to service your tree care needs. Below is a brief listing of the services we offer at New England Tree Experts.

Tree Removal

Aerial Bucket Truck for Tree Removal New England Tree Experts is properly equipped to handle your tree removal, in a safe, efficient manner. When a tree has reached the end of its life span on your property, and removal is the last resort option, we do our best to make the process as painless as can be. Trees are an integral part of our environment, and no one likes to see one taken down in a matter of hours, that took 40-75 years to grow. We complete this process accessing your grassy areas with ground protection mats, our 75' tall bucket truck and our brush chipper. All of our jobs get completed in the same day in which they were started, to minimize the disturbance and inconvenience to your property. The majority of the tree removal work we do is considered a "complete" removal in which we cut, chip, and remove all limbs and rake your site clean. All of the wood gets removed as well. Processed firewood is available by request, but you will never be "sold" on the thought that the cost savings of leaving behind a large tree on your property for you to cut and split in your spare time for your own firewood is a bright idea.

Crane Utilization

Crane Utlization When property damage is unacceptable, or when accessibility is inaccessible, New England Tree Experts has the proper insurance, equipment, and resources to handle New Englandís toughest tree removals with the help of a large crane. Removing trees with the help of a crane is one of the safest, most efficient procedures ever introduced to arborculture. We can pick up trees from back yards, inside pool areas, and over neighboring houses, and place them down in the area in front of the crane, to then process the tree to be removed. This takes the work and labor out of removing trees the traditional way. It also allows us accessibility to the most inaccessible trees due to whatever obstacles may be in the way. When we perform crane work on a customerís property we guarantee no lawn damage, which puts peace of mind on the areas most manicured lawns.

Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

Chipper truck In order to promote good health, and the longevity of a tree's life, tree trimming and tree pruning is a necessary precaution. Not only do we elevate trees off of lawns, and cut them back off of houses and roof lines, but we also raise and thin canopies to allow sunlight to grow greener grass, or dry out damp, mossy properties. Precautionary measures should be taken before small trees become a large problem on your property. Our consultations and opinions are free, as healthy trees are an integral part of our environment. Any tree limbs and branches that we cut get completely removed, and your site gets raked clean.

Stump Grinding

Tree Stumping New England Tree Experts also has stump grinding capabilities. Stump grinding is the clearing of the entire area where there was a tree stump. Not only do we ground out the stump itself, but we also chase out all root systems of the tree to ensure no remnants are left behind. Our stump grinder is small enough to fit through a 36 inch wide gate, is light enough to protect your lawn, and is self-propelled. This ensures there will be no damage to your property. Once the stump has been ground out, six inches below the surface of your grass, you are left with a pile of mulch. In this space, homeowners will typically plant grass or a new tree or bushes. New England Tree Experts has earned its reputation by completing the most thorough stump grinding work in the area.

In Closing

At New England Tree Experts, our promise to you is: when you come home at the end of your day, your tree work will be completed, and your property will be clean and undamaged. We have a wealth of knowledge and pride ourselves on completing our work in a timely and efficient manner. Our devotion to exceeding customer expectations is our employees' top priority.

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