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I hired New England Tree Experts to remove a 40+ foot maple tree that was wedged up against a stone wall in between my front lawn and a fairly busy street. Greg and his team safely cut down the tree, while working quickly and efficiently at the same time. I was impressed by the extra care they displayed in slowly lowering the tree limbs to the ground to avoid any damage to the lawn. The team cleaned the lawn of all debris, raked the mulch, and swept the driveway, leaving my property exactly as it was before they arrived - just as advertised! I would highly recommend New England Tree Experts to anyone looking for a superior tree removal experience. Bryan from Shrewsbury

The work of your team was remarkable. The parade of vehicles rolled in like an army and before I knew it, a large part of that massive tree was dangling high above the house, then was set down on the street where it was chipped away. Meanwhile, another huge part of the trunk was lifted and deposited in the truck. The effort then turned to cleanup. After an astonishing 43 minutes, the vehicles rolled away leaving no evidence of the spectacle we'd just witnessed. All onlookers were spellbound. The competence and efficiency was incredible. There was hardly any exchange or giving direction. everyone knew what they needed to do and they moved fast! Thank you for quickly solving with apparent ease what I had seen as a gargantuan problem. Thank you too for being so nice to deal with. I've been telling everyone I know about you. Lisa from Northborough

I am very pleased with the work you and your company has done at my property. As a construction superintendent working on very large projects it is nice to see a company go that extra mile to do a job right. I will be recommending your company to anyone I come across who may need this type of work. Job well done and thank you. Mike from Worcester

My wife and I want to say thank you to you and your staff for the outstanding job of cutting and removing trees on property. Our next door neighbor commented on the exceptional cleanup job that was done by you and your staff. We would certainly recommend New England Tree Experts to anyone contemplating tree removal work. Bob & Mabel from Auburn

I needed to have trees removed. Not just a couple of trees, but 9 Huge messy pine trees. I sent out the request and within 20 minutes , Greg answered my post. Within 4 hours he was standing in my yard (mind you, this was a Sunday). He also showed up exactly the given time, and quoted us a price. He promised I would have a proposal the same night. I received it, and within 18 hours the contract was back to him and the date was set for 6 days later. Fast forward to Sat, and again he showed up exactly at the time given. 9 men, and 5 trucks, and in one hour our trees were down. It was amazing to watch how efficiently these men worked in unison, never skipping a beat. Each seemed to have a job , and they executed it well. After the trees were down, the cleanup was done within a half hour. You would have never known they were even there, the cleanup was unbelievable. Greg and his crew exceeded our expectations. This is a company who is headed by Greg who obviously takes pride in his company. A true professional. My husband and I could not have been more pleased. We highly recommend them for work that you may need. Thank you Greg. Tina from Holden

Greg, I didn't have a chance to see you off, but I wanted to thank you and your team again for the amazing, professional job you just did. That was an enormous amount of work, and I can't imagine it being done any better than you folks did. I also appreciate you working with me on price and scope to get keep it reasonable and in my range. Also, great communication, phone confirmation etc. If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me. Jon & Diane from Boylston

I am very impressed with you and your company and will never call another tree company when I need tree work, which may be soon. Since I am a banker and in the service business I know firsthand how important service is, and you made a very good first impression. From the quick call back and initial estimate, I knew you were right for the job. I am so glad I took time off to watch "the show" as you and your crew definitely know what you are doing. I still cannot believe you took down those monster pine trees without any damage to my old stockade fence which sat a foot or 2 from the trees. When I arrived home that night you would never know anyone was doing the amount of work that was done as the clean-up was fabulous. Your equipment looks awesome and shows pride of ownership and your crew was very professional as I chatted with a few of them.

I again want to say thanks and we will definitely meet again. Please ask your webmaster to add my comments to your website as I want others to know how satisfied I am. Your mission of exceeding the customers expectations was accomplished!! Gary from Westborough

I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Gicas from New England Tree Experts during an estimate visit. I needed two trees taken down and several others pruned. After our meeting, I had the estimate that evening via e-mail. Everything written as we discussed.

Day of arrival each member on his team had a specific roll and worked together like clock work keeping safety first. Communication was key between them whether verbal or hand signs.

The team was not only professional, but more importantly courteous to my neighbors. All work was done in accordance with the timeframe quoted. Upon job completion, they raked the yard, clean up branches and broken twigs without any lawn damage. New England Tree Experts are second to none and I highly recommended them. Job well done! Steve from Worcester

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you and your crew did at my home in Worcester. All of the tree work was done in a very orderly, professional manner. My property was left looking great. The limbs cleaned up and the work was done in one afternoon. The stumps were ground per our agreement. I have already given out your card to a friend and I will continue recommending your tree service. Thanks again" Mary from Worcester

"In the fall of 2011, I had become quite concerned about certain large trees which hovered over the roof of my home. They had made it through a couple serious storms we had already, but I felt it important to remove the trees as well as clean up the broken branches that had fallen around my property. When I called New England Tree Experts, their prompt attention to my concerns greatly relieved me. This particular service was going to involve getting a “crane” (as Greg Gicas described it). I had no idea what that meant, but immediately signed on to retain his help. When the men showed up a few days later, with 5 huge trucks and gear, I was astonished. Watching the “action” with a few of my neighbors who had come out to see what was going on, we witnessed the incredible professionalism that they showed, cutting from the top of the largest trees, and scooping up the HUGE pieces of tree, carrying each one of them (ever so gingerly) OVER the top of my house and then splitting, shredding, and towing away what was left. It was the most concise, confident work I had ever seen with regard to tree service!

Having already experienced the “perfect” (yes, perfect) service given by New England Tree Experts, I knew this was a business run by top quality people, professional in all ways, courteous, and always on time. A business with this high level of integrity is very hard to come by; I give kudos to all involved in New England Tree Experts. I'm here to stay.” Elaine from Shrewsbury

"I also want to say that you and your crew did an exceptional job unbelievably professional. My husband and I were totally impressed! Thank you for a job well done." Sheila from Worcester

"Greg, we were completely blown away watching you and your team remove our trees from the back yard. The team operated with such incredible precision – every person seemed to have a spot to stand in and a particular function. They were some mighty monstrous trees that you guys took down and it was a wonder to behold! We are still talking about it and hope to be able to have you back again one day to remove some more. We particularly appreciated your professionalism, and your customer service. You really went above and beyond to try to accommodate our schedule and us and we are so grateful. Thank you again for a stupendous job.” Kathy & Jim from Hopedale
“Greg is a highly professional individual who knows how to run a business. He is a hard worker who goes above and beyond in order to get the job done properly. He treats his workers with respect and rewards them for their hard work. Greg invests a lot of time and effort into his business and that flows down to his customers. During a very busy time of year, Greg completed our job 2 weeks before his estimated time frame. I have told a lot of people about my extremely positive experience w/ NETE and will continue to do so. I highly recommend NETE to everyone I know.” Heather from Shrewsbury
“Greg and the crew were professional, courteous, and reliable. All calls were returned. All appointments were met. Extra details and assistance offered at no additional charge. Loved dealing with them!” Christina from Worcester
“During Hurricane Irene, a very large poplar tree fell across my property and my neighbors. After calling the insurance company, I called Greg. One hour later he was there to asses the job. He returned in the late afternoon with a crew of men and the job was completed by 6:00pm. The same day as the storm! Later, a man came and ground up the stump / root ball. After a little raking and leveling, you cannot even tell there was a tree in that spot. My wife and I are completely satisfied” Philip & Deborah from Shrewsbury
“After the Halloween snow storm, New England Tree Experts responded quickly, described what would be done, and gave me a written estimate. My deck, roof and yard were covered with branches, many of them quite large. The next day, all debris and branches were removed. It was an extremely busy time for the company and I really appreciated the prompt and efficient way things were done. I highly recommend New England Tree Experts.” Jack from Shrewsbury
“During the snow storm in October, just before Halloween, the weight of the wet snow on the leafs caused a large branch to fall onto the roof of my garage and puncture through. Greg and his team came out and removed the tree and all the collected branches, all in a matter of hours. They arrived promptly and left the yard clear of branches and leafs. Greg took time at my request to walk around the yard to recommend future trimming services before leaving to his next job. I would highly recommend NE Tree Experts and will be calling on them in the future.” Jeff from Framingham
“I was very impressed with how smooth our tree job went, from the time we received the quote until the day the trees came down. Greg and his crew were very professional and hard working. They all took pride in the job and made me, ”the customer”, feel confident it would get done just how I expected. I would recommend New England Tree Experts any day!” Karen from Shrewsbury
“Excellent customer service, very professional, prompt, reliable, leaves job site very clean, and highly recommended.” Achal from Westboro
“During the past storm, I had damage to my house and a tree limb on my roof. Your company responded quickly and at a fair price. Your employees were diligent, considerate and hard working. I was definitely satisfied with your company.” Frank from Shrewsbury
“You guys are great! Excellent price, attentive to all details, and cleaned up EVERYTHING! Nice workers, very friendly to elderly mother. I'll hire again in a minute!” John from Shrewsbury
“Job was performed very well, the crew was very professional and was done in a timely manner." Brian from Brimfield
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